Benefits of a Walk-in Tub Conversion for the Elderly

Growing old can sometimes be a difficult process to navigate all on its own. That is why we should take steps to make areas of our lives easier for ourselves or our loved ones. A walk-in tub conversion is a great place to start. It can become difficult to step into and out of a normal tub, and a stand-only shower can be impractical for those who need to stay seated. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a walk-in tub conversion from the team at Virginia Restoration Services.

Benefits of a Walk-In Tub Conversion for the Elderly

Avoid Falls

The cost of falls among older individuals is documented by the Centers for Disease Control. These expenses are anticipated to increase as the baby boomer group continues to grow in size. A large number of restroom falls is a big worry for the increasingly older population. The numbers are astounding. For instance, a stay in the hospital due to a fall injury costs $35,000 on average. Consider the entire expenditure and related issues related to falls when thinking about purchasing a walk-in tub. Tubs with walk-in doors can considerably lower these risks.

Easier Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene might be difficult when bathing becomes more complicated. How often do you take a shower currently? When bathing is difficult, cleaning wounds and inflamed skin can be particularly difficult. Some types of walk-in tubs are equipped with a bidet to make it easier to stay clean in those awkward places. Walk-in bathtubs make it simple to keep up with the bathing schedule and excellent hygiene practices.

Still a Shower

The ease with which walk-in tubs may be used as a stand-up or sit-down shower as well as a deep soaking tub is a feature that is frequently ignored. The faucet set will come with an extendable showerhead from reputable suppliers. In order to allow the user to utilize the shower either standing up or seated, this component can also be hung on a riser rod. Having a walk-in tub and shower can be useful for adult children whose parents live with them.

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