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Accessible Bathtub

Designing Safe and Accessible Bathrooms

If you’ve been working with your loved ones to plan out their future, you know that one of the most dangerous places in their home is the bathroom. Falls represent the leading cause of emergency room visits for the elderly, and the conditions in a bathroom are unfortunately the perfect storm for falls. However, when […]

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Transforming a Condo Bathroom in 3 Simple Steps

If you live in a condo in Virginia or D.C., you know that home renovations can be a bit tricky. When it comes to condo renovations, you have the extra stress of dealing with your condo board as well as neighbors who share walls. Those extra hurdles might make a home remodeling project less desirable, […]

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Remodel Your Bathroom with Safety in Mind

Did you or someone you live with recently have a significant fall? Have recent injuries or an accident left you unable to move about quite as easily as you once did? Are you concerned about safely moving about your home? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it may be time […]

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Safety Updates for your Bathroom

Are you looking into remodeling ideas to enhance bathroom safety? A bathroom can be a hazardous place when you mix together slippery tile, water, and a little bit of soap or shampoo. Whether you were recently injured or want to avoid an unfortunate fall, you are ready to make some home improvements.

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