3 Types of Tub Cut Outs for Bath to Shower Conversions

Do you or a family member need a safer bathroom without the hassle and expense of a full renovation? Bathtub cut outs offer a cost-effective way to turn your bathtub into a walk-in shower. You may enjoy the advantages of both in a short installation time while avoiding unpleasant slips and falls! Read on to learn about the different types of bathtub cut outs from the professional team at Virginia Restoration Services.

3 Types of Tub Cut Outs for Bath to Shower Conversions


Due to its simplicity, affordability, and built-in anti-skid surface on the step itself, it is a very popular option among retirement-age homeowners who choose to age in place. Depending on the thickness of your tub wall, the standard tub cut out offers various widths and a roughly 24″ length opening.


The only difference between this option and the normal version is the lengthier side panels. The low-cut variant must be installed specifically to accommodate the taller walls of deeper, modern tubs. Installation typically takes a little longer because of the particular fit, but it is well worth it because it removes nearly 14″ of your high tub wall.


The lightweight, water-tight, removable door on this model slides along the opening in no time at all, making it the most multi-functional. For a family or couple with varying mobility needs, a convertible cut out is ideal. The convertible cut out is useful for everyone if one member of your family has trouble climbing over high tub walls while another member of your family enjoys taking baths. The only restriction is that jet tubs cannot be used with it.

Looking for a professional bathroom remodeler to handle your tub to shower conversion? Look no further than Virginia Restoration Services. We can even help with tile and bathtub refinishing services. Contact us today at (804) 569-2197 and ask about our specials.

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