Bathtub Refinishing Experts

Wanting to finally get rid of the unsightly stains or ‘60s-era tint on your old tub? Bathtub refinishing is an inexpensive and time-efficient alternative to replacement, and Virginia Restoration Services is the Richmond-area refinishing expert. Contact us today at (804) 569-2197 for more information or to get a free design consultation.

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Spend Less with a Tub Refinish

After years of use, bathtubs naturally show signs of wear and tear. Rust, mold, mildew, chips, and stains all develop over time. A good bathtub refinisher like Virginia Restoration Services in Richmond can help remove these imperfections while avoiding the cost and hassle of replacing your tub. Don’t spend more than you need to on a bathroom remodel. Save with refinishing, and allocate the rest of your budget elsewhere!

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Seeing is believing, and it’s always best to hire a refinisher whose work you can trust. That’s why we at Virginia Restoration Services provide photos of our previous work as proof of our quality. Check out our gallery of previous bathtub refinishing projects to see how our services can take a worn-out space and turn it into something brand-new. If a stained or cracked bathtub isn’t the only thing in your home that needs work, we also offer counter refinishing, tile resurfacing, and home remodeling in the Richmond, Virginia, area. Contact us today at (804) 569-2197 for more information.

Our Tub Refinishing Transformations

Quick & Easy Refinishing Process

It takes us about two hours to completely refinish a tub. We start by removing old caulking and taping off the existing tile. Next, we repair any cracks or chips before applying an etching solution, creating a slightly roughened surface. Finally, we apply three coats of high-gloss epoxy that adhere to the tub’s surface and replace the caulking. After we’ve finished the reglazing process, you can use your newly refinished bathtub after just 24 hours.

Why Choose a Bathtub Refinish?

Choosing to refinish your tub rather than replace it can be advantageous for many reasons, including the following:

  • Save time and money. While it may take dozens of hours and thousands of dollars to replace your old tub, refinishing a bathtub takes less than a day and is far more affordable.
  • Retain your original bathtub. Finding a replacement for an older cast-iron or claw-foot tub can be difficult, and antique tubs can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. If you own an older home and want to keep the original feel of your bathroom, claw-foot tub refinishing is just what you need.
  • Stay environmentally friendly. Unwanted tubs are often dumped into landfills when all that’s needed to restore them to pristine condition is a simple bathtub reglazing job.
  • Avoid health hazards. Lead was once used in bathtub glazes and finishes, and older bathtubs may still pose a dangerous health hazard to you and your family. However, if you discover your bathtub has dangerous levels of lead, there’s no need to replace it — refinishing stops lead from leaking through the porcelain.
  • Improve your bathroom’s look. While you’re refinishing the bathtub, why not refinish your tile or sink as well? We can tint our coatings with any Sherwin-Williams® color, making it easy for you to choose the perfect color scheme for your remodeling project.

At Virginia Restoration Services, our customer service is exemplary—and the person who picks up the phone when you call is the one who will show up to fix your tub. We ensure that you feel comfortable with the person who will be working on your home by keeping you in contact with the same individual throughout the process. Contact us today at (804) 569-2197 to learn more about our refinishing services in Richmond, FredericksburgPetersburg, and Washington, D.C., and get a free quote.