Safety Updates for your Bathroom

Are you looking into remodeling ideas to enhance bathroom safety? A bathroom can be a hazardous place when you mix together slippery tile, water, and a little bit of soap or shampoo. Whether you were recently injured or want to avoid an unfortunate fall, you are ready to make some home improvements.

At Virginia Restoration Services, we understand the importance of bathroom safety. One of our key home remodeling services focuses on bathroom improvements and safety conversions such as:

  • Walk-in showers
  • Shower rails
  • Shower seats
  • Non-skid surfaces

We work with you to determine the right safety conversions for your bathroom remodel and your peace of mind. You can opt to make the bathroom safety conversions separately or as part of a larger bathroom remodel.

During any bathroom project, we do our best to complete your home improvements with quality and efficiency. We know it’s difficult to live without any room in your home, let alone a bathroom. So we will work with you to develop a plan to complete your safety conversions quickly and with minimal hassle on your part.

To learn more about bathroom safety conversions, contact Virginia Restoration Services at (804) 283-3932. We are a local home-remodeling company that also specializes in tub refinishing and countertop refinishing. Check out our current specials, and see what we can do for your Virginia home.

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