3 Reasons to Choose Tub Refinishing

Bathroom remodeling in or around Richmond, VA can be a long and expensive process, depending on the number of improvements you plan to tackle. Sometimes, the more you dig into the remodeling process, the more you find in need of updating. If your bathtub is one of those features you’re still trying to decide how to update, maybe it’s time to consider tub refinishing.

Bathtub refinishing from Virginia Restoration Services is a great alternative to tub replacement for many reasons.

1. Eliminate the need to demo.

If your bathtub is still in good shape but just needs a facelift, you can avoid ripping out old fixtures with tub refinishing. The tub refinishing process uses your existing bathtub and basically recoats it to make it look like new. (Check out the before-and-afters in our bathroom remodeling gallery!) You can even choose a new, modern color! Tub refinishing takes only a few hours and significantly cuts down on your labor.

2. Cut remodeling costs.

Tub refinishing costs less than complete bathtub replacement. If your home improvement budget is starting to wane, then tub refinishing may be a good alternative so you can keep costs low.

3. Save time on home improvements.

No one loves to live without a bathroom. Tearing out an old bathtub and replacing it with a new one can take several days or even weeks to complete—depending on whether you’re doing the job yourself or hiring someone to get it done. However, tub refinishing can save you valuable bathroom remodeling time. The process usually takes less than 24 hours before the tub is usable again!

To learn more about tub refinishing, Richmond-area residents can contact Virginia Restoration Services at (804) 283-3932. We’ll walk you through the tub refinishing process, talk to you about our current specials, and get you a free quote on your bathtub project.

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