3 Reasons to Opt for a Bathtub Refinish

Are you in love with your bathtub design but it’s lost some of its original beauty? No need to worry! A bathtub refinish service is exactly what you need. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Virginia Restoration Services.

3 Reasons to Opt for a Bathtub Refinish

Changing Colors

Your once-beautiful white tub has changed to a pale yellow or perhaps an uneven off-white color. The finish may have deteriorated or been stained over time, which could be the cause. Whatever the cause of the discoloration, it is a sign that you should choose to refinish your bathtub. You can even decide to change the color entirely. If you recently moved into an older home with a tub that was formerly popular in pink or blue, you might choose to simply change the color rather than replace it. The best option is bathtub refinishing.

Chipped Finish

If a large object falls into the tub or runs into it, glaze chips may come off. For instance, you might have changed your toilet and banged the tub’s side when removing it, shattering pieces of the glaze. Perhaps you dropped the showerhead on the tub and it chipped the finish. Simply put, those chips are unsightly in an otherwise beautiful bathroom. Every time you take a bath, you won’t enjoy looking at the damage, and you won’t want your visitors to see it either.

Difficult to Clean

The glazing loses some of its ability to repel dirt and other pollutants as its surface ages. While you might be able to clean your tub with bleach and scrubbing, the glaze has grown porous and enables impurities to penetrate, so the tub will get dirty again very soon. That’s yet another indication that your bathtub needs to be refinished. After your tub has been refinished, stay away from corrosive substances and abrasives to safeguard it. Simply said, these cleansers cause the glazing to degrade more quickly and cost you more money over time.

Virginia Restoration Services is here to help customers in Richmond, Fredericksburg, Petersburg, and Washington, D.C. Beyond tubs, we also offer sink refinishing, tile refinishing, and more. Contact us today at (804) 569-2197 for a consultation.

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