6 Bathroom Trends of 2018

Bathroom in need of an update? Check out some of the best new looks and designs of 2018 for your space. Whatever your style, Virginia Restoration Services is here to help you design and install the bathroom of your dreams for the budget you can handle.

Bathroom Trends

Mixed Tiles

Subway tiles are a still a popular choice among homeowners, but mixing tile shapes and textures is a great way to add interest and texture to your bathroom. Patterns such as honeycomb can break up large walls without looking too busy.

Bold Fixtures

Larger brass sconces and fascinating vintage hardware are growing in popularity.  Industrial pieces may be on the exit, while more polished pieces that capture the eye are making their way into more homes. Besides bold fixtures, vibrant wall colors can also easily shift the tone of your bathroom.


Statement wallpaper is gaining lots of attention, especially in smaller half baths and powder rooms. Floral prints and abstract repeats can quickly transform a blank wall into an artisanal statement.

More Storage

Minimal bathrooms seem to be on the decline, while practicality and functionality are a must. Add creative and eye-catching storage to your bathroom with a tall corner bookshelf or floating shelves.

Monochrome Style

For those that dread picking colors, you’re in luck. A monochrome style is as easy as choosing one color and then decorating with different shades. All-white bathrooms are still a popular choice, with added notes of off-white and grey.


Strategically placing a few plants around your bathroom is an excellent and inexpensive way to freshen up your space. Add a few succulents near a window or a large plant to hover in the corner.

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