Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

Our lives are busy, and if any room in our home bears the brunt of life’s daily activities, it’s the kitchen. With your worn out tile and outdated design, you know it’s time to remodel your space, but you may be afraid of the price tag. If you are in Virginia and need a kitchen update on a budget, Virginia Restoration Services can help.


Virginia Restoration Services and Kitchen Remodeling

Update Your Tile

You’d be surprised how updated tile can change the look of a room. Instead of replacing old or chipped tile, we can repair and refinish your tile in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of new tile. Whether you need to address your tile behind the stove and sink or your floors could use some attention, we are able to perfectly color-match the new coating to the design of the room using Sherwin Williams colors. It’s never been so easy to remodel a kitchen.

Refinish Your Countertops

Countertops need to be practical and beautiful because of the visual space they fill. During a kitchen remodel, replacing a countertop takes time, and a new one can cost thousands of dollars. Our experts can repair and do countertop refinishing at a fraction of the cost with beautiful results. The process takes less than a day.

Sink Refinishing

Consider refinishing your sink for a fresh and updated look. You use the sink before and after every meal, so it’s important that any scratches or cracks are repaired. We complete every step of the refinishing process to ensure your sink surface works well and looks beautiful too.

If you want to update your kitchen and need some budget-friendly options, contact Virginia Restoration Services online, or call (804) 220-5185 to speak with us about your kitchen remodeling needs. What are you waiting for? Your dream kitchen awaits.

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