3 Cost-Saving Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

When you live in or buy a home that has an outdated bathroom, the task of renovation and the price tag can seem daunting. At Virginia Restoration Services in Washingon D.C., our refinishers are experienced at making old bathrooms look like new. Here are some tips we can offer you for that bathroom remodel that will simplify the process and won’t empty your wallet.

Bathroom Remodel and Refinishing

1. Refinish Your Bathtub

When you’re tired of your outdated and old bathtub, you don’t have to go through the demolition process to install a new tub. A better alternative is to have us refinish your existing surface. In merely two hours, we replace the caulk and repair chips and cracks, and after roughing the surface, we apply 3 coats of epoxy, and voila! With our bathtub refinishing services, your tub is as good as new, and you didn’t have to spend the money on a brand new bathtub.

2. Refinish Your Countertops

When you want to replace your dingy countertops with a modern and new look, the demolition and replacement costs can add up.  Countertop refinishing is cheaper than replacement and takes merely one day to complete. We offer a wide-range of color selections to match your decor. Our refinishers are experienced, so you can trust the work to last for years to come.

3. Refinish Your Tile

The tile in our homes, especially on the floors, can go through some wear and tear. Whether your tile needs a little love and care or you simply want to change the color, we know just what to do. If you’re redoing your countertops and bathtub, why not ask our experts to refinish your tile as well for the full effect and for additional savings? We use Sherwin Williams colors, so it’s easy to match the refinished tile to your existing color palette.

Let Virginia Restoration Services help you remodel your bathroom in style, ease, and with less stress on your wallet. Contact us today for your free estimate, or call (804) 220-5185 to speak with one of our refinishing experts about your dreams for your bathroom.

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