3 Tips for Making Home Improvement Less Stressful

Taking on a large home improvement project like a kitchen or bathroom remodel can be quite expensive and stressful. The process can be time-consuming and draining, but at Virginia Restoration Services, we think that the results are so rewarding and thus worth the hassle. So, to take some of the stress out of your home improvements, here are a few tips we share with our awesome Richmond customers.

Tips to Reduce Home Improvement Stress

1. Prioritize Your Budget

One of the main stressors during any home remodel is the financial burden. Often, you start something and then the costs begin to snowball. Before you know it, you’ve blown through your savings and the project isn’t even close to being finished. To stay on track financially and prioritize your home improvements, we recommend that you set a remodeling budget. Know how much you can afford, and go from there. That way, you don’t put financial strain on your family in addition to the stressors of living in project mode.

2. Consider Your Timing

Many people try to tackle a kitchen remodel right before the holidays or before a big event like a wedding or child’s graduation. While we understand that you’d love to have a new, fresh kitchen for all those landmark occasions, you may just be adding unnecessarily to the stress. Instead, pick a time of year that’s less busy and isn’t going to complicate your life more than necessary.

3. Reuse Where Possible

Finally, in order to bring the stress levels down, find ways to make your projects smaller and more manageable. Instead of ripping out your countertops or bathtub, consider refinishing them. Refinishing is much easier and more affordable, and at Virginia Restoration Services, we can refinish any type of countertop or bathtub – including including laminate, tile, granite, and Formica. You can still get the updated look you want, and the refinishing process typically takes less than a day!

Want more tips and tricks to survive the remodeling process? Contact our team at Virginia Restoration Services today by calling (804) 569-2197. We’d be glad to answer your questions and help alleviate any home improvement anxiety you might be feeling, by putting your projects into our capable hands.

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