Washington DC Bathroom Remodel: Adding a Pop of Color

Bathroom Remodeling Washington DCWhen there’s a chip in your counter or a stain in your bathtub, these irritating bathroom flaws can easily be taken care of by the experts at Virginia Restoration Services. We can make any bathroom surface or fixture gleam with a little resurfacing. After your bathroom remodel is finished, you may be inspired to decorate your newly renovated space.

Unearth your bathroom’s full potential by adding an accent color to the room. You don’t need new tiles or a bathtub installed to incorporate color in your bathroom. With our refinishing services, you’re one step closer to having a flawlessly designed restroom in your home in Washington DC. Here are more ways to quickly accomplish a color change in the bathroom:

  • Découpage: If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can apply découpage to the wall for a French-inspired look. Are you nervous about making such a drastic change? This technique works just as well on a foam board, so you can hang it up and change it out whenever you want.
  • Paint: When you’re browsing the aisle of paint swatches, you may be inspired to decorate with a color you’ve never thought of before. Painting the walls can really make a bathroom go from drab to editorial-worthy.
  • Fabric: A bathroom can easily be transformed with just a few simple accessories. Accenting with a new shower curtain and rug will bring personality to a room.
  • Art: You can brighten up stark white walls with a decorative piece of art. If your bathroom gets a lot of traffic from guests, pick out a painting that will suit most people’s taste. Bathroom artwork doesn’t have to be fancy either—rummage around your local garage sales to find an interesting piece.

Our bathroom remodeling experts know what it takes to make a bathroom look picture-perfect. Contact us at (804) 283-3932 to learn about the services we provide to homeowners in Washington DC.

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