Moen: Reinventing Aging with Washington DC Bathroom Remodeling

According to a recent press release from Moen, aging Baby Boomers are enjoying their twilight years much differently than seniors of the past. The release states that in the past, seniors spent their retirement years filling their homes with top-of-the-line household amenities or inside the walls of a senior care facility. Modern seniors prefer a more active lifestyle, and instead of reminiscing about the glory days, are more interested in forming new memories and experiences through activities and travel, all while maintaining their independence by aging in place instead of a retirement community.

If you have an elderly loved one who is choosing to age in place, the Washington DC bathroom remodeling experts of Virginia Restoration Services have some quick suggestions to make bathrooms into safe and functional environments.

• Grab bars in the shower and near the toilet are great for seniors who need a little extra lift when transitioning from sitting and standing

• Non-skid flooring will help prevent unfortunate slips that could cause your loved one considerable pain

• If your favorite senior has mobility concerns, make sure that the bathroom door is wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair

From a November 21, 2013 press release via Moen:

“North Olmsted, Ohio… Aging in America. We’ve come a long way, baby. In the past, the concept of ‘senior living’ meant having the best ‘stuff’ and sitting in your recliner to enjoy it all. For today’s Baby Boomers, it’s more about having the best experiences, whether that be traveling, seeking out new health and fitness activities, spending time with family and friends… or simply enjoying life on their terms. In this final installment of the Moen Watch report, we look at the concept of ‘Reinventing Aging’ — how Boomers are redefining what it means to be old.

‘In 2012, we began to see a lot of remodeling activity with Boomers, especially among Leading Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1955),’ said Jack Suvak, senior director of consumer and market insights, Moen. ‘And that trend has continued to gain momentum this year, and we don’t expect it to stop anytime soon. Boomers are defying traditional beliefs that aging is predictable, boring and that they’re ‘over the hill.’ Instead, they’re reinventing what it means to age by seeking the right products and experiences that enable them to live in their own homes safely, independently and comfortably as personal circumstances change.’”

Click here to view the press release in its entirety.

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