Richmond Refinishing Services

When you notice a growing fracture in your tub or a deep scratch in your countertop, it’s tempting to just throw the old one out and embark on a large-scale home remodeling project to install new fixtures. However, why not choose to save money and refinish your tub and tile instead? Virginia Restoration Services has been serving homeowners in Richmond and the rest of central and northern Virginia since 1998. For information about our refinishing and remodeling services contact us today at (804) 283-3932.

Bathtub Refinishing

If your tub is starting to crack or stain after years of use, you may be considering replacing it. However, bathtub refinishing is a much more cost-effective method that not only takes less time than a replacement but also allows you to keep the original look of your tub.

Countertop and Sink Refinishing in Richmond

Since countertops and sinks are used daily, the surfaces can swiftly lose their luster. Put a fresh shine on your kitchen or bathroom with our countertop resurfacing services. Virginia Restoration Services can refinish countertops in any Sherwin-Williams® color, making it easy for you to match your existing décor.

Tile Refinishing

Whether the tile in your entryway is beginning to wear down or your tub surround’s grout is harboring mildew, the most convenient solution is tile refinishing. You’d be surprised how much a simple tile refinishing can do to help improve your kitchen or bathroom. Virginia Restoration Services can also install new tile, if you’re ready for something completely different.


Home to six Fortune 500 companies and ranked as one of the nation’s top three cities for job creation, Richmond is a bustling, fast-paced city. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in a never-ending home improvement project when you can use the remodeling services of VRS instead. Whether you’re looking for a fast, affordable kitchen remodel or a full bathroom update, we’ll help you refresh your space in just a day or two. We can also convert your bathtub to a walk-in shower if you have mobility difficulties and want to make showering a little easier.

Richmond Kitchen Remodeling

A remodeled kitchen not only increases the value of your house when its put on the market, but it’s also been known to improve the family dynamic. A well-rounded kitchen will invite more family members to converse around the center island and help prepare meals. There’s just something exciting about new cabinets, gorgeous backsplash, and fresh countertops…. When the very thought of upgrading your home comes up, call us to go over all the benefits of taking on a Richmond kitchen remodeling project.

At Virginia Restoration Services, we believe that clear communication is key. You won’t get passed from employee to employee. The person who answers the phone for your first call is the same person who fixes your tub, counter, or sink. For more information about our resurfacing, refinishing, and remodeling services in Richmond, Virginia, contact us today at (804) 283-3932 for a free estimate, or view our galleries for examples of our work. We also serve homeowners in the nearby areas including Fredricksburg, Petersburg, and Washington, D.C.

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