Top 5 Master Bathroom Must-Haves

You’re in the process of planning your bathroom remodel. After hours of HGTV and perusing Pinterest or other home-improvement sites, your mind is now spinning with the possibilities—and wondering just HOW you’re going to stay on budget. Well, let our team at Virginia Restoration Services give you a few tips. We partner with homeowners through Washington, D.C., Richmond, and Fredericksburg in their remodeling processes, and here’s what seems to be the trend in bathroom essentials.

Bathroom Must Haves

1. Separate shower and tub

That fiberglass insert may be great for the kids’ bathroom, but the master bath needs an upgrade. Most homeowners seem to prefer to separate their walk-in or frameless glass shower from the bathtub. And make it a soaker tub? All the better.

2. Stone countertops

Laminate countertops had their day in the sun, but most people seem to prefer stone countertops in the master bathroom. If stone seems out of reach, our team can help you brainstorm ways (like granite tiles or countertop refinishing) that can help you get the stone look at a more affordable rate.

3. Dual vanity

A single, dinky sink and vanity don’t really scream “Master bath!” Opt for a dual vanity instead. Most homeowners find it more functional, especially if you’re sharing it with a loved one.

4. Storage

Even if your master bath isn’t huge in size, be sure to make plans to include plenty of storage space. You always store more things than you realize in a bathroom, so it’s best never to be stingy.

5. Classic colors

From your countertops and your shower tile to your wall color, we find that choosing simple, classic neutrals is always a good option. Not only do they stand the test of time, but they also tend to promote the calm environment you want in your master bath.

To get more bathroom remodeling ideas or to get a quote on our services, contact us today at (804) 220-5185. Virginia Restoration Services offers bathroom remodeling, tub refinishing, and other home-improvement services to homeowners throughout the Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA, and Fredericksburg, VA, areas.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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