Top 4 Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular home improvement projects for homeowners. A renovated bathroom adds value to your home, adds much-needed upgrades, and makes the space better adapted to your current needs. However, not every homeowner has the time or money to complete a full bathroom renovation. That is where our team at Virginia Restoration Services comes in with our bathtub refinishing services. Read on to find the top four reasons why refinishing is right for you.

Reasons to Refinish Your Bathtub

1. It’s Affordable

If your bathtub is in good shape, it actually doesn’t make much sense to replace it. When replacing a bathtub, you have to pay for the new tub itself, the installation process, and the process of removing the old one. In contrast, refinishing is a quick and easy process and, with our current specials, you’ll be shocked at how affordable it can be!

2. It’s Quick

Renovating your bathroom can be a major inconvenience. Most homeowners don’t want to go without their main bathroom for weeks on end. At Virginia Restoration Services, our refinishing process takes about two hours to complete and you can use your newly refinished bathtub after just 24 hours!

3. It’s Easy

When you choose to refinish, the process is so simple that there is very little chance of any mistakes being made. We start by removing old caulking and taping off existing tile. Next, we repair any cracks or chips before applying an etching solution, creating a slightly roughened surface. Finally, we apply three coats of high-gloss epoxy that adhere to the tub’s surface and then replace the caulking. Simple as that!

4. It’s Good for the Environment

Finally, maybe the best reason to refinish is to avoid throwing old, unwanted tubs into landfills. If your tub isn’t damaged, it still has plenty of life left in it. At Virginia Restoration Services, we believe in utilizing what you already have and avoiding unnecessary waste.

Discover all the benefits of refinishing with your friends at Virginia Restoration Services. Contact us today at (804) 569-2197 to learn more about our refinishing services in Richmond, FredericksburgPetersburg, and Washington, D.C., and to get a free quote.

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