Quick & Easy Home Remodeling

Are you looking for some simple ways to update your home? Do you want to invest in home improvements that won’t take months to complete? Virginia Restoration Services offers some quick, sure-fire ways for home remodeling with limited time constraints.

Bathtub Refinishing

Change the look of your bathroom in one day through our bathtub refinishing process. If your current bathtub is discolored or looks like it’s straight out of the ‘60s, we can completely change the look of your bathtub without having to do a messy and invasive replacement. The process usually takes about two hours, and you’ll have a look-like-new bathtub that’s usable within 24 hours.

Sink & Countertop Refinishing

Similar to our bathtub refinishing process, you can change the look of your sink or countertops with countertop refinishing. You can choose to renew your sink or countertop to its original luster or change the look completely by making it appear like marble, granite, or other faux-stone finishes.

Tile Refinishing

If your kitchen or entryway tile has started to lose its sheen, consider whether tile refinishing is a good option. Tile refinishing takes only a day or two to complete, and the tile is usable within 24 hours after the job is finished. So if you like your current tile in your kitchen, bathroom, or living space, maybe tile refinishing is a better option than tile replacement.

For more home remodeling ideas, contact Virginia Restoration Services at (804) 283-3932. Our home-improvement team proudly serves the homeowners of Washington D.C., Richmond, Fredericksburg, Petersburg, and the surrounding areas.

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