Countertop Refinishing Q & A

Are your kitchen or bathroom countertops starting to lose a bit of their original look? Well, it’s no wonder. Countertops take a beating on a daily basis, making them targets for cracks, dents, stains, and fading. However, before you choose to replace your countertops completely, consider the benefits of countertop refinishing.

Virginia Restoration Services specializes in countertop refinishing and can help answer some questions about the refinishing process.

What is countertop refinishing?

Instead of replacing your countertops, countertop refinishing basically places a new surface on top of your existing countertops. You can choose from a variety of finishes or faux finishes, depending on what you want the finished product to look like.

What are my resurfacing options?

You can choose from a variety of finishes, including laminate, tile, granite, Formica, and more. Many countertop refinishing professionals, like ours at Virginia Restoration Services, can also create a granite or marble look without you having to pay the granite or marble price.

How long does countertop refinishing take?

On most projects, refinishing a countertop takes less than a day. The home improvement contractor can give you the most accurate estimate after seeing the countertops you’re looking to refinish.

What can I expect the finished product to look like?

Virginia Restoration Services has an online photo gallery, giving potential customers a look at past countertop refinishing products.

What does countertop refinishing cost?

To get a specific quote or estimate, you’ll want to contact your general contractor directly. However, know that as a general rule that countertop refinishing is less expensive and less time intensive than if you were to replace your countertops completely. says “on average, homeowners save between 30% and 70% by refinishing versus replacing countertops.”

To get a quote on countertop refinishing or ask additional questions, call Virginia Restoration Services. Homeowners north of Richmond can call 540-898-8871; DC area residents can reach us at 703-812-8841. Our customer service team will gladly answer your questions and schedule your free, at-home consultation and quote.

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