Get Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and soon you’ll be finding yourself researching recipes and shopping for a turkey. However, as you make your plans, if you find that your kitchen isn’t quite ready to host a large event, now is the time to change that. While it may seem like you don’t have time to fix up your kitchen before the holidays, the truth is, there are quite a few things you can do quickly that will make a big difference. Check out these ideas from your friends at Virginia Restoration Services.

Refresh Your Kitchen Before the Holidays

Refinish Your Countertops

Because you’re on a time crunch, it’s a good idea to refinish your countertops instead of completely removing them and installing new countertops. In the countertop refinishing process, our skilled technicians take your existing countertop and restore it to its original look, or to the finish of your choice. We have a number of countertop finishes and colors at your disposal, and we can even match an existing tile or sink. Our process usually takes less than a day and is less time-consuming and invasive than countertop replacement.

Add More Storage

Another great way to freshen up your kitchen before hosting a big holiday event is by getting rid of any clutter. Your guests will feel much more welcome and relaxed if your kitchen is clean and everything has a place. Therefore, we recommend finding creative storage solutions to keep your newly refinished countertops clear. Consider adding retractable drawers and racks under your cabinets to maximize your storage space, and utilize every available space with vertical storage.

Install an Island

Finally, if you have the space, consider installing a kitchen island to give your guests a place to gather while you prepare the meal. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can even add features to your island that will come in handy when multiple people are cooking at once. Consider adding a second sink, an additional stovetop, or even an extra, hidden microwave.

With these quick updates and help from Virginia Restoration Services, your kitchen will be ready to host all holiday season long. Contact us today in Richmond, VA at (804) 569-2197 to get started.

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