3 Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

As you plan for your bathroom remodel this summer, you may find yourself struggling with how to blend modern and homey styles, so your bathroom feels updated but still relaxing. It can be daunting to try and incorporate clean, sleek lines while maintaining a warm and inviting feel. However, our team at Virginia Restoration Services in Richmond, VA, is prepared to help you do just that. Consider these three tips that help homeowners marry that blend of modern taste with the comforts of home.

Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Choose a Neutral Color Scheme

Many modern bathroom features are white and airy. But instead of using stark white everywhere, you can choose a few features to bring in a warming neutral color like a gray, beige, or tan. Many people choose these colors either for their walls, bathroom vanity, or even floor tile. You don’t want to go too crazy with color in order to preserve the modern touch, so play around with neutrals and see what happens.

Choose Both a Tub and a Shower

Modern bathroom design doesn’t make you choose between having a great tub or a great shower, but rather incorporates both. When designing your new bathroom, ditch the old fiberglass bathtub/shower combo and install a freestanding, modern bathtub as well as a separate walk-in shower.

Choose Wooden Elements

Choosing some wood elements for your bathroom is a very modern thing to do. Plus, it adds that layer of warmth you want. You may consider some floating bamboo shelves or even a natural wood vanity top. You have many options. However, due to all the water and moisture in bathrooms, we recommend that you stay away from traditional hardwood floors. You don’t want to invest all that money only to see your floors warp.

Choose Virginia Restoration Services

To find out more about modern bathroom design or bathroom remodeling ideas, contact Virginia Restoration Services today at (804) 569-2197. We’d be glad to help you design the perfect spa-like bathroom that’s both modern and inviting.

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