3 Reasons to Finish Your Bathtub

Bathtub RefinishingYou’ve been in the process of remodeling your bathroom and trying to decide just what to do with that bathtub. It’s not in the best shape and screams “I’m from the 1970s!” However, the idea of ripping it out and putting in a new bathtub or shower also seems daunting and pricey. Well, let our remodeling team at Virginia Restoration Services offer you three reasons why bathtub refinishing might be a great solution for you.

1. Repair instead of replace.

When your porcelain or fiberglass bathtub has cracks or shows signs of wear, that doesn’t mean you have to retire it. In fact, part of our services here at Virginia Restoration is repairing tub damage just like this. We can get your bathtub looking like new and usable once again.

2. Save time.

Ripping out a bathtub and completely replacing it is a difficult and time-consuming process. You’re looking at a week or more of work, depending on whether you’re hiring it done or going DIY. Bathtub refinishing, on the other hand, takes a day or two at best, so you can update your bathroom fast.

3. Pocket the savings.

Bathtub refinishing costs significantly less than a complete removal and remodel. Unless you want to replace that bathtub with a walk-in shower or garden tub, you might as well choose tub refinishing and save your hard-earned money for another project (or that vacation you’ve been wanting to take). And for additional savings, check out our current specials.

By choosing Virginia Restoration Services, you can rest easy that your bathtub is going to look and function better than ever. Bathtub refinishing is a great solution for when you want to change the look of your bathtub, repair unsightly cracks and stains, and get it done quickly without a lot of cash. And while we’re at it, you can also consider refinishing your bathroom tile or countertops.

To find out more about our process or to get a quote, you can contact Virginia Restoration Services of Richmond anytime at (804) 220-5185.

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