3 Cost-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling TipsWhat has you in the market for kitchen remodeling? Are you getting your Virginia home ready to sell? Or maybe you are simply atired of looking at your worn-out countertops. No matter what has you considering an update, consider these three design ideas for bringing your kitchen into the current year.

1. Replace old appliances.

Nothing screams “I’m old!” like beige appliances. It’s time to trade up for more modern (and probably more efficient) stainless-steel models. Stainless steel looks great with most color schemes and instantly makes your kitchen more up to date. Most buyers love stainless-steel appliances, and in comparison to knocking down walls, purchasing appliances can be a relatively inexpensive update.

2. Upgrade your backsplash.

If you don’t have a backsplash, then get one. A backsplash is both functional (easier to keep your walls clean) and offers you an opportunity to add a little design sensibility to your kitchen. You can find a wide range of tile types and colors at various price points. If your backsplash is outdated, then consider tile refinishing. You don’t have to replace the tiles altogether; instead, our crew applies a new finish to your existing tile to change the style or color.

3. Paint your cabinets.

Instead of installing new cabinets, consider whether you can paint them. You can find countless “Paint Your Cabinet” tutorials on Pinterest or YouTube. We recommend that you consider painting your cabinets white—a color that transcends time. However, if you want a more modern spin, paint your upper cabinets white and your lower ones a warm gray.

Want even more home-improvement ideas for your kitchen remodel? Virginia Restoration Services has years of experience and know-how to help you improve your kitchen without going broke. Contact our staff today at (804) 283-3932. We’d be glad to meet with you to talk about your remodeling goals and tell you more about our refinishing and remodeling services.

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